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Rank Name Raised
97th Kevin Wendt Kevin Wendt $205
98th Margaret Carroll Margaret Carroll $200
98th Mike Ho Mike Ho $200
98th Sheila Amaral Sheila Amaral $200
101st Andy Brough Andy Brough $196.66
102nd Mark Oliver Mark Oliver $195
103rd Rose Rybicki Rose Rybicki $190
103rd Tara Ortiz Tara Ortiz $190
105th Danny Frohman Danny Frohman $185.51
106th Gary Mejia Gary Mejia $181.13
107th Maribeth Medich Maribeth Medich $180
107th Sunil Kidambi Sunil Kidambi $180
109th Jack Ryder Jack Ryder $177.11
110th Hector Garcia Hector Garcia $175
110th Kristi Simmons Kristi Simmons $175
110th Steven Marshall Steven Marshall $175
113th Hans Christiansen Hans Christiansen $170.78
114th Brad Lindenmayer Brad Lindenmayer $165.61
115th Cortney Greenlaw Cortney Greenlaw $165.60
116th Chris Edmunds Chris Edmunds $165