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Rank Name Raised
537th Susan Kimble Susan Kimble $36
N/A Taylor Tambe Taylor Tambe $0
N/A Jen Vargas Jen Vargas $0
154th A.L. Collins A.L. Collins $265
N/A Abdus Saboor Abdus Saboor $0
N/A Amanda Dotten Amanda Dotten $0
N/A Amanda Fredricksen Amanda Fredricksen $0
N/A Amy Bieber Amy Bieber $0
N/A Amy Springer Amy Springer $0
407th Amy Springer Amy Springer $72
255th Anisa Kasuboski Anisa Kasuboski $138
N/A Ariel D’Angelo Ariel D’Angelo $0
N/A Baltazar Goodger Baltazar Goodger $0
600th Cassandra Dunnings Cassandra Dunnings $35
464th Charlie Carlos T. Carrillo Charlie Carlos T. Carrillo $52
N/A Christy Gaude Christy Gaude $0
N/A Chrystle Little Chrystle Little $0
N/A Dana Mcreavy Dana Mcreavy $0
N/A Denise Conway Denise Conway $0
N/A Elizabeth Stein Elizabeth Stein $0