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Rank Name Raised
2844th Chris Stephenson Chris Stephenson $104
2844th David Walters David Walters 2years $104
2844th Michelle Emsley Michelle Emsley $104
2844th Patrick Vallely Patrick Vallely 3years $104
2844th Paul Stenzel Jr Paul Stenzel Jr 3years $104
2844th Tina Judkins Tina Judkins $104
2851st Gregory Green Gregory Green 3years $535
2852nd Agostinho Paiva Agostinho Paiva 6years $104
2852nd Aimen Shahbaz Aimen Shahbaz $104
2852nd Alicia Jasso Alicia Jasso 4years $104
2852nd Allan Dombrowski Allan Dombrowski 4years $104
2852nd Anastasia Lott Anastasia Lott 4years $104
2852nd Andrea Hollier Andrea Hollier 5years $104
2852nd Andrea Uvanni Andrea Uvanni $104
2852nd Andrew C. Einsel Andrew C. Einsel $104
2852nd Andy Callaway Andy Callaway 4years $104
2852nd Angela Hill Angela Hill 2years $104
2852nd Angela Martin Angela Martin 4years $104
2852nd Angelene Pair Angelene Pair 5years $104
2852nd Ann Hewitt Ann Hewitt 3years $104