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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jeff Pitts Jeff Pitts $0
N/A Jeff Scott Jeff Scott $0
N/A Jeff Valder Jeff Valder $0
N/A Jeff Youngs Jeff Youngs $0
N/A Jeffery Elway Jeffery Elway $0
N/A Jeffery LaBombard Jeffery LaBombard $0
N/A Jeffery S. Stadler Jeffery S. Stadler $0
N/A Jeffery Schmidt Jeffery Schmidt $0
N/A Jeffrey Bussmann Jeffrey Bussmann $0
N/A Jeffrey Fox Jeffrey Fox $0
N/A Jeffrey Maltz Jeffrey Maltz $0
N/A Jeffrey Riviera Jeffrey Riviera $0
N/A Jeffrey Super Jeffrey Super $0
N/A Jela Valencia Jela Valencia $0
N/A Jen Cherevka Jen Cherevka $0
N/A Jen Hacker Jen Hacker $0
N/A Jen Vargas Jen Vargas $0
N/A Jen Williams Jen Williams $0
N/A Jena Fischer Jena Fischer $0
N/A Jenn Hill Jenn Hill $0