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Rank Name Raised
101st Ted Muench Ted Muench 2years $5,606
102nd Katie Mihalenko Katie Mihalenko 5years $5,591
103rd Andrew Silk Andrew Silk $5,590
104th James Simmons James Simmons 7years $5,584
105th Paul Rein Paul Rein 4years $5,574
106th Harald Ottenhof Harald Ottenhof $5,569
107th Kelly Vaughn Kelly Vaughn 2years $5,539
108th Mike Doyle Mike Doyle $5,523
109th Penny Badolato Penny Badolato 2years $5,522
41st Jeff Freitag Jeff Freitag 7years $5,511
110th Luis SeraFin Luis SeraFin 6years $5,490
111th Lionel Laryea Lionel Laryea 2years $5,442
112th Eric Wood Eric Wood 4years $5,438
113th William Anderson William Anderson 3years $5,399
114th Patty Hayos Patty Hayos $5,394
115th David Freund David Freund 4years $5,369
116th Shannon Fogarty Shannon Fogarty 6years $5,355
117th DeVon Wiens DeVon Wiens $5,343
118th andrew weiner andrew weiner 2years $5,323
119th Matthew Wilson Matthew Wilson 2years $5,315