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Rank Name Raised
171st George Thomas Gagnon George Thomas Gagnon 5years $1,189
172nd David Zimmer David Zimmer 2years $1,181
173rd Kimberly Bowman Kimberly Bowman $1,181
174th Christa Beristain Christa Beristain 2years $1,180
175th Bob Potter Bob Potter 2years $1,177
176th Kevin Hitzemann Kevin Hitzemann 3years $1,174
177th Brad Sterkenburg Brad Sterkenburg $1,173
178th Keith Massey Keith Massey $1,172
179th Jennifer Hunt Jennifer Hunt 4years $1,172
180th Jagadesh Ganti Jagadesh Ganti 2years $1,162
181st Aldridge Browne Aldridge Browne $1,158
181st Guy DAlessio Guy DAlessio 2years $1,158
183rd Michael Nelson Michael Nelson 5years $1,155
184th Lori Hume Lori Hume 4years $1,155
185th Tim Reinoehl Tim Reinoehl $1,154
186th Brandon David East Brandon David East 2years $1,154
187th John Ramey John Ramey 4years $1,153
188th Arley Fong Arley Fong $1,150
189th Charles Jones Charles Jones 2years $1,149
190th Mamed Sadykhov Mamed Sadykhov $1,149