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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jayden Taylor Jayden Taylor $0
N/A Jeff Anderson Jeff Anderson 2years $0
60th Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn 7years $912
N/A Jeff Kramer Jeff Kramer 3years $0
N/A Jeff Meyers Jeff Meyers 3years $0
N/A Jeff Youngs Jeff Youngs 4years $0
N/A Jeffrey Penrose Jeffrey Penrose $0
1456th Jeffrey Yenko Jeffrey Yenko 4years $36
1182nd Jenielle Painter Jenielle Painter 5years $62
N/A Jenna Koehler Jenna Koehler 5years $0
518th Jeremy Holbrook Jeremy Holbrook 4years $176
1456th Jeremy Tuel Jeremy Tuel 4years $36
22nd Jerome Butterbrodt Jerome Butterbrodt 5years $1,621
281st Jerry COLLETTI Jerry COLLETTI 2years $335
271st Jerry Krsnich Jerry Krsnich 4years $349
N/A Jerry Ragland Jerry Ragland $0
N/A Jesse Wade Jesse Wade 4years $0
N/A Jessica Gutierrez Jessica Gutierrez 5years $0
621st Jim LaBossiere Jim LaBossiere 2years $129
N/A Jim Lichty Jim Lichty 4years $0