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Rank Name Raised
6608th Marguerite Girard Marguerite Girard 3years $605
6609th Ann Bishop Ann Bishop 2years $605
6610th Rich Ruman Rich Ruman 3years $605
6611th Lynn Boyle Lynn Boyle $605
6612th Miguel Alcala Miguel Alcala $605
6613th Jay Hill Jay Hill 6years $604
6614th Tasha Anne Powell Tasha Anne Powell $604
6615th Rick C Rick C $604
6616th Janice Lovett Janice Lovett $604
6616th Lisa Chandler Lisa Chandler $604
6618th Ashley McCuistion Ashley McCuistion $604
6619th Eric Lipp Eric Lipp $604
6620th David Desmarais David Desmarais 5years $604
6620th Jeremy Frye Jeremy Frye $604
6622nd Eugene Avery Eugene Avery $604
6623rd John Eriksson John Eriksson $604
6624th Charles Blackburn III Charles Blackburn III $604
6625th Jon Bailey Jon Bailey 4years $604
6626th Hannah May Hannah May 2years $604
6627th Gabriel White Gabriel White $604