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Rank Name Raised
6854th David Horn David Horn 3years $31
6854th David Lee David Lee 2years $31
6854th David Ludwig David Ludwig 3years $31
6854th David McCollom David McCollom $31
6854th David Sucher David Sucher $31
6854th David Torok David Torok 2years $31
6854th Dawn Sylves Dawn Sylves 3years $31
6854th Dawn Welch Dawn Welch 3years $31
6854th Deborah Stoltz Deborah Stoltz $31
6854th Dee Cook Dee Cook 4years $31
6854th Denny Leffler Denny Leffler 3years $31
6854th Devra Rochelle Devra Rochelle 6years $31
6854th Diana Dopp Diana Dopp $31
6854th Diane Benoit Diane Benoit $31
6854th Donna Heavner Donna Heavner $31
6854th Dorene Ricci Dorene Ricci 3years $31
6854th Doug Cutting Doug Cutting $31
6854th Elijah Danquah Darko Elijah Danquah Darko $31
6854th Elijah Mack Elijah Mack $31
6854th Elizabeth Sundquist Elizabeth Sundquist $31