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Rank Name Raised
6855th Henry Freytag Henry Freytag $31
6855th Holly LaVine Holly LaVine $31
6855th Houston Snow Houston Snow 3years $31
6855th Iuliia Glazunova Iuliia Glazunova $31
6855th Jacob Givens Jacob Givens 2years $31
6855th James Kidd James Kidd $31
6855th James Ramey James Ramey $31
6855th Jamie Bruflat Jamie Bruflat $31
6855th Jamie Lee Jamie Lee 2years $31
6855th Jan Blackburn Jan Blackburn 6years $31
6855th Jason Stuntz Jason Stuntz 6years $31
6855th Jay Prakash Jay Prakash 2years $31
6855th Jayapriya Surendran Jayapriya Surendran 2years $31
6855th Jeff Emanuel Jeff Emanuel 3years $31
6855th Jen Galipeau Jen Galipeau $31
6855th Jennifer Plys Jennifer Plys 5years $31
6855th Jennifer Rinker Jennifer Rinker 5years $31
6855th Jeremiah Price Jeremiah Price 5years $31
6855th Jeremie Davis Jeremie Davis $31
6855th Jeremy Blizard Jeremy Blizard $31