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Rank Name Raised
6791st Greg McConnell Greg McConnell 2years $540
6792nd Kelly Whitton Kelly Whitton $540
6792nd Larry's Welage Larry's Welage $540
6792nd Tim Bellovary Tim Bellovary $540
6795th Kaihl Brassfield Kaihl Brassfield $540
6796th Kyle Jennings Kyle Jennings $540
6797th Nancy Ivanyo Nancy Ivanyo $540
6798th John Sage John Sage 2years $540
6799th christine bradshaw christine bradshaw 4years $540
6800th Cindy Toffoloni Cindy Toffoloni $540
6801st Joanie Hausladen Joanie Hausladen 3years $540
6802nd Sheryl Wesley Sheryl Wesley $540
6803rd Danny Kay Danny Kay $540
6803rd Jon Clayton Jon Clayton $540
6805th Steven Marshall Steven Marshall 2years $539
6806th David Faison David Faison $539
6806th Sarah Olson Sarah Olson $539
6808th Irayme Labrada Irayme Labrada $539
6808th Jeanne Bromberg Jeanne Bromberg 3years $539
6810th Carolyn Mooney Carolyn Mooney 5years $539