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Rank Name Raised
6844th Chad Stiles Chad Stiles $556
6844th Christina Somes Christina Somes $556
6846th Gayle Neefus Gayle Neefus $556
6847th Lorraine Mulick Lorraine Mulick 4years $556
6848th Erin Marcotte Erin Marcotte 3years $556
6849th Marie Day Marie Day 2years $556
6850th Jeff Bethune Jeff Bethune 5years $556
6851st Steve Mentzer Steve Mentzer 4years $556
6852nd Kevin Patino Kevin Patino $556
6853rd Bill Meece Bill Meece 2years $555
6854th Brian Haury Brian Haury 4years $555
6855th Allen Borton Allen Borton $555
6856th Clinton Block Clinton Block 2years $555
6857th Ikramul Haque Ikramul Haque 3years $555
6858th James Garrett James Garrett $555
6859th Beth Rose Beth Rose $555
6859th Brandon Smith Brandon Smith 2years $555
6862nd Sean Stewart Sean Stewart 3years $555
6863rd Tracy Olson Tracy Olson $555