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Rank Name Raised
6860th Catherine McGee Catherine McGee 2years $586
6861st Jim Walls Jim Walls 4years $586
6862nd Katie Fortner Katie Fortner 2years $586
6863rd William Suarez William Suarez $585
6864th Donni Weaver Donni Weaver 3years $585
6864th John Hohnstein John Hohnstein 3years $585
6866th Michealle Key Michealle Key 2years $585
6867th Bruce Vogel Bruce Vogel 3years $585
N/A Quan Cheaves Quan Cheaves $0
6868th Joshua T Carter Joshua T Carter 3years $585
6869th Felicita Pablo Diaz Felicita Pablo Diaz $585
6870th Brett Mitchell Brett Mitchell $585
6871st Richard Brown Jr Richard Brown Jr 6years $585
6872nd Michelle Tarantino Michelle Tarantino 3years $585
6873rd Deborah Morgan-Alam Deborah Morgan-Alam 4years $585
6874th Dustin Moravick Dustin Moravick 2years $585
6875th Nicole Loomis Nicole Loomis 5years $585
6876th Jesse Wilson Jesse Wilson $585
6877th Kent Lee Kent Lee $584
6878th Edward DeLaura Edward DeLaura $584