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Rank Name Raised
267th Rebecca Anthony Rebecca Anthony $628
268th Ronnie Parsons Ronnie Parsons $626
269th Ron Williams Ron Williams $626
270th Lisa Kurecz-Fredricks Lisa Kurecz-Fredricks $626
271st Terry Egglefield Terry Egglefield $625
272nd David Martinez David Martinez $625
273rd Cody Mellott Cody Mellott $621
274th Carol Roberts Carol Roberts $620
275th Lexie Holliday Lexie Holliday $618
276th Landon Cook Landon Cook $615
277th Melissa Bandy Melissa Bandy $614
278th Chad Westhouse Chad Westhouse $613
279th Jake Schramm Jake Schramm $612
280th Abe Lumpe Abe Lumpe $611
281st Julie Kelly Julie Kelly $611
282nd Mike Ho Mike Ho $609
283rd Daniel Klear Daniel Klear $609
284th Ann Brunori Ann Brunori $606
285th Kelli Fourniquet Kelli Fourniquet $605
286th Terrence McGee Terrence McGee $602