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Rank Name Raised
2693rd Ray Vadnais Ray Vadnais $1,178
6998th Adam Downs Adam Downs 5years $576
6415th Marcos DeLima Marcos DeLima $616
555th Paul Eustace Paul Eustace 5years $3,034
1327th Mick Lambert Mick Lambert $1,893
6107th Vicki Taylor Vicki Taylor $639
10567th Peter Ziolkowski Peter Ziolkowski $327
13096th Nicholas Davino Nicholas Davino $153
12203rd David Friedberg David Friedberg 2years $203
N/A Kenny Andrews Kenny Andrews $0
13347th Stephen Bartels Stephen Bartels 3years $140
854th Denise Forcione Lozito Denise Forcione Lozito 3years $2,574
N/A Gary Jenkins Gary Jenkins $0
25th luke astell luke astell $11,948
3566th David Packiaseelan David Packiaseelan 3years $1,008
5619th Bob DeCamp Bob DeCamp 4years $685
12263rd Ronald Ng Ronald Ng 2years $200
4104th Terry Cooper Terry Cooper 6years $880
698th Dan Rhoden Dan Rhoden 2years $2,777
N/A Yale Cohen Yale Cohen 2years $0