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Rank Name Raised
255th Becky Hanlon Becky Hanlon $275
255th David Anderson David Anderson $275
255th Jeffrey Davis Jeffrey Davis $275
258th Rayna Farrar Rayna Farrar $274
259th Bob Patrick Bob Patrick $272
260th John Alan Lovra John Alan Lovra $272
261st Gabe Pacheco Gabe Pacheco $271
262nd Tessa Fanning Tessa Fanning $269
263rd Trudie Jones Trudie Jones $268
264th Alis Pena Alis Pena $265
264th Becky Hodge Becky Hodge $265
264th David Kujawa David Kujawa $265
264th Paul Swanstrom Paul Swanstrom $265
264th Phil Darrow Phil Darrow $265
264th Stephen Krull Stephen Krull $265
264th Tom Smith Tom Smith $265
271st Brian Place Brian Place $265
272nd Tracy Roberts Tracy Roberts $262
273rd Barbara Valladares Barbara Valladares $259
274th Matthew Arnold Matthew Arnold $256