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Rank Name Raised
3189th Britain Rome Britain Rome $114
3189th Caitlin Yasinev Caitlin Yasinev $114
3189th Christine Onofrio Christine Onofrio 2years $114
3189th Daniel Human Daniel Human $114
3189th Dorene Kline Dorene Kline 3years $114
3189th Erin Brown Erin Brown 4years $114
3189th Jimmy Metz Jimmy Metz 2years $114
3189th John Barbour John Barbour 4years $114
3189th Katie Kummer Katie Kummer $114
3189th Kristie Johnson Kristie Johnson $114
3189th L Scott L Scott 2years $114
3189th Lori Hudson Lori Hudson $114
3189th Martha Przybylski Martha Przybylski $114
3189th Matt Kania Matt Kania 2years $114
3189th Misty Jo Morse Misty Jo Morse 3years $114
3189th Nikki Brouillette Nikki Brouillette 6years $114
3189th Sandy Andrade Sandy Andrade 3years $114
3207th Alisa Jo Phillips Alisa Jo Phillips 5years $114
3207th Amanda Denes-Diedrick Amanda Denes-Diedrick 2years $114
3207th Barbara Ruth Small Barbara Ruth Small 2years $114