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Rank Name Raised
3258th Chad Heisey Chad Heisey 5years $946
4910th Matthew Ogo Matthew Ogo 2years $946
3259th Mike Cole Mike Cole 2years $946
3260th Roger Campos Roger Campos 2years $945
3261st Bob Arzadon Bob Arzadon 7years $945
3262nd George Gonzalez George Gonzalez $945
3448th Mark Smith Mark Smith 7years $945
3263rd Jessica Widman Jessica Widman $944
3264th Paco Rubio Paco Rubio 2years $944
3265th Tina Johnson Tina Johnson 6years $944
3266th Stephen Smithers Stephen Smithers 2years $944
3267th Joe Roznai Joe Roznai 5years $944
3268th Joyce Guerrier Joyce Guerrier 2years $944
3269th Mikki Cusack Barbaro Mikki Cusack Barbaro $944
3270th John OCONNOR John OCONNOR 4years $943
3270th Paul Hummel Paul Hummel 2years $943
3272nd Chip Frey Chip Frey $943
3273rd Carroll Midgette Carroll Midgette 2years $942
3274th David Largaespada David Largaespada 5years $942
3275th Jacob Moser Jacob Moser $942