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Rank Name Raised
3318th Andrew C. Einsel Andrew C. Einsel $104
3318th Andy Callaway Andy Callaway 4years $104
3318th Angela Hill Angela Hill 2years $104
3318th Angela Martin Angela Martin 4years $104
3318th Angelene Pair Angelene Pair 5years $104
3318th Ann Hewitt Ann Hewitt 3years $104
3318th Ann Zieser Ann Zieser 5years $104
3318th Anne B. Jackson Anne B. Jackson 3years $104
3318th Annmarie Andersen Annmarie Andersen 2years $104
3318th April Sanders April Sanders 2years $104
3318th Arun Rajendran Arun Rajendran 3years $104
3318th Ashish Jain Ashish Jain $104
3318th Ashley Hawe Ashley Hawe 3years $104
3318th Ashley M Wells Ashley M Wells 3years $104
3318th Barbra Vidinich Barbra Vidinich 7years $104
3318th Barry V. Wood Jr Barry V. Wood Jr 3years $104
3318th Basak Taylan Basak Taylan $104
3318th Becky Sergent Becky Sergent 6years $104
3318th Beth Eugenio Beth Eugenio $104
3318th Beth Gist Beth Gist 2years $104