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Rank Name Raised
289th Susie Taylor Susie Taylor $3,598
290th Kathleen Cotter Kathleen Cotter $3,596
291st Mary Girouard Mary Girouard $3,591
292nd Kenneth Robinson Kenneth Robinson $3,590
293rd David Alari David Alari $3,588
294th Sylvia Waldsmith Sylvia Waldsmith $3,575
295th Connie Schweitzer Connie Schweitzer $3,566
296th Ginny Kinne Ginny Kinne $3,550
297th Jason Templeton Jason Templeton $3,549
298th Susan Weir Susan Weir $3,547
299th Adonis Marcelino Adonis Marcelino $3,543
300th Elizabeth Ballantyne Elizabeth Ballantyne $3,538
301st Davis Thompson Davis Thompson $3,536
302nd Lynk Servey Lynk Servey $3,535
303rd Thomas Stegall Thomas Stegall $3,535
304th Randi Senzer Najac Randi Senzer Najac $3,535
305th Elena Blanco Elena Blanco $3,535
306th Pamela Buckley Pamela Buckley $3,528
307th MaryElla Jones MaryElla Jones $3,527
308th Jonathan Garcia Jonathan Garcia $3,525