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Rank Name Raised
2866th Tim Zisa Tim Zisa 5years $124
2866th Timothy Phillips Timothy Phillips 2years $124
2866th Tina Mascolino Tina Mascolino $124
2866th Tito Amoguis Tito Amoguis 2years $124
2866th Tom Barnett Tom Barnett 2years $124
2866th Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer 2years $124
2866th Tony Sanchez Galletti Tony Sanchez Galletti 7years $124
2866th Toshikazu Kashida Toshikazu Kashida $124
2866th Wayne Sandbulte Wayne Sandbulte 7years $124
2866th William Merrow William Merrow 4years $124
N/A Jessica Sandusky Jessica Sandusky $0
N/A Louisa Long Louisa Long $0
2943rd Lindsey McNeal Lindsey McNeal $61
2946th Jennifer Brazil Jennifer Brazil 2years $36
3019th Cayte Armstrong Cayte Armstrong 4years $62
3065th Elaine Maheras Elaine Maheras 2years $279
3104th Bob DeCamp Bob DeCamp 4years $124
3104th Brian Reed Brian Reed 3years $124
3104th Chuck Tews Chuck Tews 3years $124
3107th Miguel Alcala Miguel Alcala $123