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Rank Name Raised
458th Carolyn Mooney Carolyn Mooney 6years $735
459th Grace Peck Grace Peck $735
460th Nate Maxfield Nate Maxfield 3years $733
461st Laurie Plummer Laurie Plummer $733
462nd Amy Dawson Amy Dawson 5years $733
463rd Scott sinotte Scott sinotte 3years $732
464th Charlotte French Charlotte French 2years $731
465th Dave Rinker Dave Rinker 7years $730
466th Blake Vance Blake Vance 2years $730
467th Erika Smith Erika Smith $730
468th Norbert Schoeneich Norbert Schoeneich 4years $726
469th John Roulo John Roulo 3years $725
470th Christian Fernandez Christian Fernandez 3years $725
471st Mary Gennett Mary Gennett 3years $725
471st Miller Longbotham Miller Longbotham 6years $481
472nd Barbara Ausherman Barbara Ausherman $725
472nd Charles Martin Charles Martin $725
474th Patricia Waguespack Patricia Waguespack 4years $721
475th Cody Cohen Cody Cohen 3years $719
476th Corby Krick Corby Krick 5years $719