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Rank Name Raised
3738th Don Griffin Don Griffin 3years $744
2006th Wendy White Wendy White 3years $1,165
N/A Alejandro Chirinos Alejandro Chirinos $0
3032nd Tunde Oyefeso Tunde Oyefeso 3years $883
10517th Kevin Hagberg Kevin Hagberg 3years $118
2872nd David Bitter David Bitter 3years $923
9802nd Wyatt Rose Wyatt Rose $155
N/A Charles Kuntz Charles Kuntz $0
9466th Eddie Suarez Eddie Suarez 2years $177
1334th Michael Coram Michael Coram 2years $1,550
5960th Perry Brittain Perry Brittain 2years $510
107th Mark Collette Mark Collette 4years $5,547
11163rd Kristopher Sands Kristopher Sands 5years $93
723rd Marco Montenegro Marco Montenegro 4years $2,386
7024th Clair Hilliard Clair Hilliard 6years $413
3817th Deanna Kymer Deanna Kymer 4years $730
11540th Shane P Payne Shane P Payne $75
603rd Bill Hood Bill Hood 4years $2,571
649th Jay Martin Jay Martin 2years $2,518
10524th CJ Jones CJ Jones 2years $117