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Rank Name Raised
22552nd Sandy Jakubowski Sandy Jakubowski $26
2421st Cory Mutch Cory Mutch $1,144
19806th Steven Jakubowski Steven Jakubowski $52
3749th Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis $900
N/A janet herman janet herman $1,592
N/A Giovanni Rajkovic Giovanni Rajkovic $0
1624th Evy Gin Evy Gin $1,428
187th Dave Carta Dave Carta $3,821
9833rd Chris Gamayo Chris Gamayo $468
1184th Todd Naughton Todd Naughton $1,716
99th Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger $4,784
7575th Monika Janik Monika Janik $774
131st Andrew Black Andrew Black $4,417
12th Sally rech Sally rech $11,451
3316th Jason Longo Jason Longo $980
7444th Mark Besterci Mark Besterci $568
3215th Dave Foutz Dave Foutz $1,002
N/A Chris Uffer Chris Uffer $0
1035th Thad Gage Thad Gage $1,859
3535th Kevin Thornton Kevin Thornton $934