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Rank Name Raised
12408th Janelle Sununtnasuk Janelle Sununtnasuk $291
1838th Candace Monzingo Candace Monzingo $1,330
1717th Terry Cooper Terry Cooper $1,384
11835th Joey Houghtaling Joey Houghtaling $324
2073rd Luis Forero Luis Forero $1,244
N/A Raymon Porchia Raymon Porchia $0
2537th Michael Meyer Michael Meyer $1,114
3033rd Quang Vo Quang Vo $1,026
1295th Quentin Ward Quentin Ward $1,634
21086th Tamara Kalkstein Tamara Kalkstein $36
3027th Paul Wahrer Paul Wahrer $1,026
16th Richard Schwenk Richard Schwenk $10,211
7497th Andrew Knickerbocker Andrew Knickerbocker $565
2869th Peter Carnes Peter Carnes $1,049
N/A Gedeon Pagarigan Gedeon Pagarigan $0
1258th Dan Tulip Dan Tulip $1,658
2846th Shaun Cusic Shaun Cusic $1,052
2780th Joseph Mirocke Joseph Mirocke $1,066
4991st Kera Passante Kera Passante $742
367th Phillip Rouse Phillip Rouse $3,000