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Rank Name Raised
N/A Leonel Quiroz Leonel Quiroz $0
N/A Les Baur Les Baur $0
N/A Lesandro Gonzalez Lesandro Gonzalez $0
828th Leslie Holzman Leslie Holzman 5years $100
N/A Leslie Leyba Leslie Leyba $0
N/A Levar Wilkerson Levar Wilkerson $0
N/A Lex Diach Lex Diach $0
N/A Liis Rodriguez Liis Rodriguez $0
N/A Lina Maria Lina Maria $0
N/A Linda Bacon Linda Bacon $0
N/A Linda Castrine Linda Castrine 7years $0
N/A Linda Fleck Cusick Linda Fleck Cusick $0
662nd Linda Smith Linda Smith 5years $124
1062nd Linda Stierli Linda Stierli 2years $52
N/A Linda Torres Linda Torres 2years $0
N/A Linda White Linda White $0
N/A Linda Zumpf Linda Zumpf $0
N/A Linsey Albrecht Linsey Albrecht 2years $0
N/A Lisa Anderson Lisa Anderson 2years $0