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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jimmy Shaw Jimmy Shaw $0
N/A Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith $0
N/A Joanna Colclough Joanna Colclough 4years $0
N/A Joanna Ragen Joanna Ragen $0
N/A Joanna Troutman Joanna Troutman $0
209th Joanne Kenney Joanne Kenney 2years $1,040
N/A Joanne kinnear Joanne kinnear $0
N/A Jodi Tompkins Jodi Tompkins 2years $0
N/A Joe Billesbach Joe Billesbach 2years $0
N/A Joe Grainger Joe Grainger $0
N/A Joe Guyette Joe Guyette 4years $0
1632nd Joe Hildebrand Joe Hildebrand 6years $245
N/A Joe Middleton Joe Middleton 5years $0
N/A Joe Montano Joe Montano $0
N/A Joe Nordstrom Joe Nordstrom 5years $0
N/A Joe Ruggiero Joe Ruggiero $0
2717th Joe Wojciechowski Joe Wojciechowski 4years $124
N/A Joe Wood Joe Wood $0
N/A Joel Gonz├ílez Labrador Joel González Labrador $0
2227th Joel Pingeon Joel Pingeon 2years $165