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Rank Name Raised
4753rd Brian Carboy Brian Carboy $782
N/A Brian Clace Brian Clace $0
N/A Brian Clark Brian Clark $0
7971st Brian Fegal Brian Fegal 3years $524
12376th Brian Hillen Brian Hillen 3years $194
13502nd Brian Ladley Brian Ladley $132
N/A Brian Nykaza Brian Nykaza $0
11336th Brian Place Brian Place 4years $260
4371st Brian Postma Brian Postma 4years $834
689th Brian Stephens Brian Stephens 2years $2,785
N/A Brian Tatum Brian Tatum $0
N/A Brian Teeters Brian Teeters 2years $0
N/A Brian Wacik Brian Wacik 2years $0
1719th Brian Wenzel Brian Wenzel 2years $1,008
16737th Brian Witzig Brian Witzig 2years $36
N/A Brice Cook Brice Cook 3years $0
N/A Brion Michael Klein Brion Michael Klein $0
N/A Brittanee Durazo Brittanee Durazo $0
N/A Brittany Anne Nye Brittany Anne Nye $0
N/A Brittany Michele Brittany Michele $0