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Rank Name Raised
N/A Tracey Porter Tracey Porter $0
N/A Virginia Frick Virginia Frick $0
N/A courtney carpenter courtney carpenter $0
N/A Courtney Carpenter Courtney Carpenter $0
N/A Ingrid Machado Ingrid Machado $0
N/A Jeff Pelon Johns Jeff Pelon Johns $0
N/A Jesus Delgadillo Jesus Delgadillo $0
N/A Paola Castillo Paola Castillo $0
385th Colton Applewhite Colton Applewhite $36.23
N/A James Simmons James Simmons $0
N/A jesse sutton jesse sutton $0
N/A jordan vanwinkle jordan vanwinkle $0
N/A Kacey McCloskey Kacey McCloskey $0
N/A mark blanche mark blanche $0
N/A Michael Mercer Michael Mercer $0
N/A michael mercer michael mercer $0
30th Patrick J McDonald Patrick J McDonald $526.75
N/A Richard Hester Richard Hester $0
N/A Timothy Andres Timothy Andres $0
202nd Robert Paradis Robert Paradis $100