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Rank Name Raised
N/A Amy Hively Milbee Amy Hively Milbee $0
N/A Amy Hoover Amy Hoover $0
N/A Angel Florian Angel Florian $0
N/A Ann Mat Ann Mat $0
N/A Brenda Crutcher Brenda Crutcher $0
N/A brooke walbrecht brooke walbrecht $0
N/A Carol Ann Kentner Carol Ann Kentner $0
N/A Caron Duncan Caron Duncan $0
N/A Christina Loiacono Christina Loiacono $0
N/A Christopher Lee Christopher Lee $0
N/A Darris J Horton Darris J Horton $0
N/A Dawn Bartel Dawn Bartel $0
N/A Debbie Doane Debbie Doane $0
N/A Debbie Murray Debbie Murray $0
N/A Della Wolf Della Wolf $0
N/A Edward Theobald Edward Theobald $0
N/A Eldridge Villarreal Eldridge Villarreal $0
N/A gary bewley gary bewley $0
N/A Gene Kim Gene Kim $0
N/A Hilary Hewitt Hilary Hewitt $0