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Rank Name Raised
N/A Andrew Hollows Andrew Hollows $0
N/A David Hoffman David Hoffman $0
N/A Dolores Nadeau Dolores Nadeau $0
N/A Josh Willbanks Josh Willbanks $0
N/A Justin Young Justin Young $0
N/A Katherine Walker Katherine Walker $0
N/A Kelly C Krautkramer Kelly C Krautkramer $0
N/A Mahmmoud subeih Subeih Mahmmoud subeih Subeih $0
N/A Marcus Bustos Marcus Bustos $0
N/A Marissa Gologorsky Marissa Gologorsky $0
N/A Marissa Gologorsky Marissa Gologorsky $0
N/A Mary Warren Mary Warren $0
N/A Maryn Brayfield Maryn Brayfield $0
N/A Michael Watson Michael Watson $0
N/A Michelle Doyle Michelle Doyle $0
N/A Nathan Pope Nathan Pope $0
N/A Nicholas Ketzko Nicholas Ketzko $0
N/A Paola Buendia Paola Buendia $0
N/A Pat Buck Pat Buck $0
15601st Patricia King Patricia King $172