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Rank Name Raised
40th George Shumar George Shumar $770
41st Nathan Foose Nathan Foose $767
42nd Lauren Edwards Lauren Edwards $757
43rd Evan Fusco Evan Fusco $755
44th Katrina Woods Katrina Woods $745
45th Betty Anne Henderson Betty Anne Henderson $736
46th Greg Frederick Greg Frederick $732
47th Tracy Crosby Tracy Crosby $725
48th Nick Johnston Nick Johnston $720
49th John Wilson John Wilson $717
50th Brad Lindenmayer Brad Lindenmayer $716
8th Robert Bensley Robert Bensley $715
51st Jodi Aronson Prohofsky Jodi Aronson Prohofsky $709
52nd Doug Farrington Doug Farrington $707
53rd DL Reed DL Reed $705
54th Than Scott Than Scott $702
55th Thomas Kardohely Thomas Kardohely $701
56th Joe McAllister Joe McAllister $685
57th Chris Bowler Chris Bowler $683
58th Karl Carrigan Karl Carrigan $683