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Rank Name Raised
95th Kirk Clague Kirk Clague 4years $6,413
96th Crystal Dunnings Crystal Dunnings 6years $6,402
97th Andy Moss Andy Moss 5years $6,394
98th Edward Sanabria Edward Sanabria $6,385
99th Buddy Collins Buddy Collins 3years $6,366
100th David Hausner David Hausner 5years $6,297
101st Sudha Murty Sudha Murty 3years $6,291
102nd Jeffery LaBombard Jeffery LaBombard 6years $6,287
103rd Paul Rein Paul Rein 4years $6,271
104th Jack Holliday Jack Holliday 4years $6,262
105th George Hakkila George Hakkila 3years $6,220
106th Susanne Serna Susanne Serna 6years $6,218
107th Marianne Allen Marianne Allen 2years $6,206
108th Lionel Laryea Lionel Laryea 2years $6,176
109th Bill Berned Bill Berned 4years $6,112
110th Jeff Ondria Jeff Ondria 2years $6,108
111th Sean Strother Sean Strother 2years $6,036
112th Louis Tanenbaum Louis Tanenbaum 3years $6,024
113th William Anderson William Anderson 3years $6,014
114th Mike Doyle Mike Doyle $5,970