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Rank Name Raised
234th Wes Cheslak Wes Cheslak $111
235th John Hawes John Hawes $110
235th Steven Schmitt Steven Schmitt $110
237th Darcy LaCombe Darcy LaCombe $109
238th Stephanie LaDuke Stephanie LaDuke $109
239th Steve Miller Steve Miller $109
240th Mark Blackburn Mark Blackburn $107
240th Robert Bruch Robert Bruch $78
241st Joel Clemons Joel Clemons $105
241st Kristen Plotner Kristen Plotner $105
243rd Brian Schoenmann Brian Schoenmann $104
243rd Carolyn Dixon Carolyn Dixon $104
243rd Cheryl Bolton Cheryl Bolton $104
243rd Karl Gollhardt Karl Gollhardt $104
243rd Mary Seldomridge Mary Seldomridge $104
243rd Mike Stump Mike Stump $104
243rd Sandy Stump Sandy Stump $104
243rd Sarah Hale Sarah Hale $104
243rd Steve Garcia Steve Garcia $104
243rd Terry Burns Terry Burns $104