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Rank Name Raised
2910th Janet Cope Janet Cope 3years $104
2910th Jason Clark Jason Clark 2years $104
2910th Jason Hanks Jason Hanks 6years $104
2910th Jason Orlinsky Jason Orlinsky $104
2910th Jason Pena Jason Pena 7years $104
2910th Javier Zuniga Javier Zuniga 3years $104
2910th Jay Lunn Jay Lunn 2years $104
2910th Jean Peterson Jean Peterson 5years $104
2910th Jeanette Ott Jeanette Ott 4years $104
2910th Jeff Byrnes Jeff Byrnes 5years $104
2910th Jeff McCullough Jeff McCullough 5years $104
2910th Jeff McKeever Jeff McKeever 4years $104
2910th Jeff Scott Jeff Scott 4years $104
2910th Jeff Skop Jeff Skop 6years $104
2910th Jeffrey McCormick Jeffrey McCormick $104
2910th Jenn Bushman Jenn Bushman 6years $104
2910th Jennifer Edmunson Jennifer Edmunson 4years $104
2910th Jenny Merson Jenny Merson 3years $104
2910th Jenny Rushing Jenny Rushing 3years $104
2910th Jeremiah Smith Jeremiah Smith 4years $104