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Rank Name Raised
3208th Ginger Cunningham Ginger Cunningham 2years $988
3208th Tim Moss Tim Moss $988
3210th Monica Blank Monica Blank 5years $988
3211th Gunal Kanna Gunal Kanna $987
3212th BJ McElmurry BJ McElmurry 3years $987
3213th Carl Ortiz-Ramos Carl Ortiz-Ramos 2years $987
3214th Jason Hanks Jason Hanks 5years $987
3215th Kenneth Byrne Kenneth Byrne 2years $987
3216th Jeff Jilson Jeff Jilson 2years $986
3217th Jeff Brandt Jeff Brandt 2years $986
3218th Bruce Wallace Bruce Wallace 2years $986
3218th Patrick Vallely Patrick Vallely 2years $986
3220th Pat Keeling Pat Keeling 7years $985
3221st Ganna Bubnova Ganna Bubnova $985
3222nd Connie Showalter Connie Showalter 3years $985
3223rd Joe Studnicka Joe Studnicka $985
3224th Paul Hathaway Paul Hathaway 5years $985
3225th Kelby Steele Kelby Steele 2years $984
3226th Kris Hofstedt Kris Hofstedt 2years $984
3226th Steven Ehlert Steven Ehlert 3years $984