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Rank Name Raised
3365th Kevin Doherty Kevin Doherty 3years $93
3365th Olga Zakharo Olga Zakharo 6years $93
3365th Pamela Schwarz Pamela Schwarz 6years $93
3365th Robert White Robert White $93
3365th Sarah Roeder Sarah Roeder 3years $93
3365th Sonja Evans Sonja Evans 6years $93
3365th Taylor Griffing Taylor Griffing $93
3365th Timothy Sandlin Timothy Sandlin 4years $93
3380th Dominic Russotti Dominic Russotti $92
3380th Tim Kelly Tim Kelly $92
3110th Jeffrey Hertzog Jeffrey Hertzog 2years $92
3382nd Tammy Slay Wade Tammy Slay Wade 5years $92
3383rd Jack Smelser Jack Smelser 3years $92
3384th Danny Snow Danny Snow 3years $92
3384th Nelson Vega Nelson Vega 3years $92
3386th Barry R Heinrichs Barry R Heinrichs 5years $92
3386th Cassandra Moore Cassandra Moore $92
3386th Charles Smith Charles Smith 5years $92
3386th Doug Bryan Doug Bryan 2years $92
3386th Karen Uhlich Karen Uhlich 5years $92