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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jennifer Butron Jennifer Butron 2years $0
N/A Jennifer Deo Jennifer Deo $0
5003rd Jennifer Donovan Jennifer Donovan 6years $52
N/A Jennifer Fournier Jennifer Fournier 2years $0
N/A Jennifer Gutierrez Jennifer Gutierrez 2years $0
N/A Jennifer Hancock Ballard Jennifer Hancock Ballard 6years $0
N/A Jennifer Killewald Jennifer Killewald 3years $0
N/A Jennifer Sherbourne Jennifer Sherbourne 2years $0
N/A Jennifer Tippie Jennifer Tippie $0
N/A Jennifer Towsley Jennifer Towsley 3years $0
N/A Jenny Hortin Jenny Hortin 6years $0
N/A Jenomi Montgomery Jenomi Montgomery $0
N/A Jeremiah Criswell Jeremiah Criswell $0
N/A Jeremie Smith Jeremie Smith 2years $0
N/A Jeremy Gonsalves Jeremy Gonsalves $0
N/A Jeremy Gray Jeremy Gray $0
N/A Jeremy Hornberger Jeremy Hornberger 5years $0
2089th Jeremy McJunkin Jeremy McJunkin 3years $207
N/A Jeremy Rendant Jeremy Rendant 2years $0
2089th Jeremy Snyder Jeremy Snyder $207