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Rank Name Raised
N/A Brenden Malloy Brenden Malloy $0
N/A Brendi Singletary Brendi Singletary $0
6308th Brendon Hamner Brendon Hamner 3years $567
N/A Brennen McDowell Brennen McDowell $0
7749th Brent Bradley Brent Bradley 2years $500
N/A Brent Hatcher Brent Hatcher $0
N/A Brent Maddox Brent Maddox $0
9935th Brent Wood Brent Wood 3years $311
N/A Brett Coffey Essl Brett Coffey Essl $0
4257th Brett Frazer Brett Frazer $761
8772nd Brian Baumgartner Brian Baumgartner 2years $417
N/A Brian Billups Brian Billups $0
4486th Brian Carboy Brian Carboy $731
N/A Brian Clace Brian Clace $0
N/A Brian Clark Brian Clark $0
7007th Brian Fegal Brian Fegal 3years $524
12081st Brian Hillen Brian Hillen 3years $174
12935th Brian Ladley Brian Ladley $132
N/A Brian Nykaza Brian Nykaza $0
10654th Brian Place Brian Place 4years $260