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Rank Name Raised
3366th JoAnna Potter JoAnna Potter 4years $908
3367th Jacob Rebholz Jacob Rebholz 2years $908
3368th Michael Nabers Michael Nabers $908
3369th Mikki Cusack Barbaro Mikki Cusack Barbaro $907
3370th Jeff Esteban Jeff Esteban 5years $907
3371st Mike Maurer Mike Maurer 2years $907
3372nd Luis Forero Luis Forero 6years $907
3373rd Patty Torres Patty Torres 2years $907
3374th Glenn Aber Danz Glenn Aber Danz 2years $907
3375th Nate Morton Nate Morton $907
3376th Bob Montemayor Bob Montemayor 3years $907
3377th Diane Loughrey Diane Loughrey 2years $906
3378th Andrew Van Peer Andrew Van Peer $906
3379th Basia Ela Basia Ela 2years $906
3380th Sabrina Beigel Sabrina Beigel $906
3381st Jeff Sayles Jeff Sayles 3years $906
3382nd Jay Precious Jay Precious 4years $906
3383rd ALICIA FReeman ALICIA FReeman 2years $315
3383rd Michael Grider Michael Grider $906
3384th Antoinette Biordi Antoinette Biordi $906