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Rank Name Raised
3430th Jamie Kennerly Jamie Kennerly $1,027
3431st Donald Winter Donald Winter $1,026
3432nd Hanqi Huang Hanqi Huang 2years $1,026
3433rd Michael Lloyd Michael Lloyd 4years $1,026
3434th Kathy Leitman Kathy Leitman $1,026
3435th Dale Roznowski Dale Roznowski 2years $1,026
3436th Rick Messner Rick Messner 2years $1,026
3437th Madeleine Smyth Madeleine Smyth 3years $1,026
3438th Kelsey D'Angelo Kelsey D'Angelo 2years $1,026
3439th Norman Hamel Norman Hamel 2years $1,025
3440th Paul Everett Jorgenson Paul Everett Jorgenson 7years $1,025
3441st Zack Foster Zack Foster 3years $1,025
3442nd Kevin McQuillan Kevin McQuillan 2years $1,025
3443rd Cindy Ramsey Cindy Ramsey 3years $1,025
3443rd Pamela Hunter Pamela Hunter 4years $1,025
3445th Marta Hanczaruk Marta Hanczaruk $1,025
3446th Danielle Sirekis Danielle Sirekis 3years $1,025
3447th Barry Parker Barry Parker 2years $1,025
3447th Beckie Johnston Beckie Johnston 5years $1,025
3447th Joel Taylor Joel Taylor $1,025