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Rank Name Raised
352nd Tony Bowen Tony Bowen 5years $347
353rd Lisa Stout Lisa Stout 4years $344
354th Douglas Daly Douglas Daly 2years $344
355th Gigi Hopkins Gigi Hopkins 2years $343
356th Robin O'Dougherty Robin O'Dougherty 3years $339
357th Amy Bieber Amy Bieber 6years $336
358th Vincent Toms Vincent Toms 3years $336
359th Jerry COLLETTI Jerry COLLETTI 2years $335
360th Sarah Satterfield Sarah Satterfield 4years $331
361st Vincent Artale Jr Vincent Artale Jr 2years $331
362nd Thad Gage Thad Gage 3years $331
363rd Morgan Cheung Morgan Cheung $331
364th Kari Weber Kari Weber 7years $329
365th Jessi Abbeg Jessi Abbeg 3years $324
366th Paulo Pausanos Paulo Pausanos 3years $324
367th Betsy Schrader Liljeberg Betsy Schrader Liljeberg $321
1184th Margaret Arriola Margaret Arriola 3years $321
368th John Aseff John Aseff 5years $321
368th Rachel Stough Kuligin Rachel Stough Kuligin 4years $321
370th Laura Baggett Laura Baggett 7years $320