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Rank Name Raised
411th Christine Butler Christine Butler 3years $285
411th Leslie Pardo Leslie Pardo $285
411th William Wipff William Wipff 2years $285
414th Miriam Walker Miriam Walker 3years $284
415th Joshua Griffith Joshua Griffith 2years $283
416th Cindy McKinney Cindy McKinney 2years $279
417th Becky Skipper Becky Skipper 5years $279
417th christine Felkel christine Felkel 4years $279
417th Marion Thatch Marion Thatch 5years $279
417th Matthew Kelly Matthew Kelly 2years $279
417th Tyler Shreve Tyler Shreve $279
422nd MaryBeth Sosa MaryBeth Sosa $279
423rd Jim Pickell Jim Pickell 6years $279
424th Andre Varunok Andre Varunok 3years $278
425th Amir Rozenberg Amir Rozenberg 2years $274
425th Archie Castillo Archie Castillo 3years $274
425th Benjamin Moritz Schaefer Benjamin Moritz Schaefer 4years $274
425th Corey Heath Corey Heath 5years $274
425th Gerard Remsen III Gerard Remsen III $274
425th Gerry Guilbeault Gerry Guilbeault 6years $274