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Rank Name Raised
10906th Tim Hyde Tim Hyde $299
4948th Michael Golden Michael Golden $761
16866th Terry Agrelius Terry Agrelius 2years $518
5975th Bhargav Gandhi Bhargav Gandhi $655
12615th Sean Praglowski Sean Praglowski 6years $179
N/A Sara Bridges Sara Bridges 2years $0
7135th Kelli Schlueter Kelli Schlueter 2years $571
N/A James Grier James Grier 2years $0
10254th Sonia White-Staniszewski Sonia White-Staniszewski 6years $362
15349th ramon moore ramon moore 3years $72
12247th Kevin Faircloth Kevin Faircloth 6years $201
15573rd Winston Gore Winston Gore 4years $71
7382nd Kelly Collier Kelly Collier $557
12009th Alan Shapiro Alan Shapiro $213
N/A alicia harvey alicia harvey 3years $0
6324th Cole Unger Cole Unger 5years $624
1753rd Meighan Mahoney Meighan Mahoney $1,579
14836th Michael Evans Michael Evans 4years $93
1063rd Michael Lexier Michael Lexier $2,293
N/A Christine Clare Christine Clare $0