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Rank Name Raised
60th April VanHaitsma April VanHaitsma 6years $36
60th Brett Harris Brett Harris 6years $36
60th Dena Crisp Dena Crisp 4years $36
60th Jill Baker Jill Baker 4years $36
60th Jon DuPonte Jon DuPonte 3years $36
60th Linda Mike Linda Mike 6years $36
60th Ronnie Sandoval Ronnie Sandoval 3years $36
60th Sharon Blakeney Sharon Blakeney 6years $36
60th Zachariah Dodge Zachariah Dodge 2years $36
69th Sarah Crawford Sarah Crawford 3years $31
70th Jeremy Holbrook Jeremy Holbrook 4years $26
70th Juan Santana Juan Santana 7years $26
70th Leonard Rhett Leonard Rhett 3years $26
70th Lynn Nichols Lynn Nichols 3years $26
70th Sheila Roos Sheila Roos 5years $26
70th Vincent Artale Jr Vincent Artale Jr 2years $26
76th Pamela Harper Pamela Harper 5years $25
6th Barbara Perez Barbara Perez 2years $21
77th Kelsey Ritter Kelsey Ritter 3years $21
78th David Combs David Combs 4years $15