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Rank Name Raised
7564th Jane Wasell Jane Wasell 3years $545
7565th Phillip Frye Phillip Frye 2years $545
7566th Vincent M. Rizza Vincent M. Rizza $545
7567th Thomas Zumalt Thomas Zumalt $545
7568th Stan Lore Stan Lore 5years $545
7568th Tanya Garza Tanya Garza $545
7570th Pamela Thorne Pamela Thorne 5years $545
7571st Yesenia Osollo-Peña Yesenia Osollo-Peña 2years $545
7572nd Geoffrey Curtis Geoffrey Curtis $545
7573rd Elizabeth Adams Elizabeth Adams 2years $544
7574th Abbie Hinc Abbie Hinc 2years $544
7575th Kathleen Parr Kathleen Parr 3years $544
7576th Troy Knutson Troy Knutson 3years $544
7577th Rachel Dallas Rachel Dallas 2years $544
7578th Zee Helmick Zee Helmick $544
7579th Hunter Robertson Hunter Robertson 3years $544
7580th Bill Flammer Bill Flammer 3years $544
7581st Daryl Brown Daryl Brown 2years $544
7582nd Scott Townsend Scott Townsend 5years $544
7583rd Thomas Dudek Thomas Dudek 2years $544