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Rank Name Raised
N/A Steve Carter Steve Carter 3years $0
2071st Glenn Baldwin Glenn Baldwin 3years $1,417
15961st Patrick Peck Patrick Peck 2years $52
5649th Tim Loughnane Tim Loughnane $685
1022nd Fernando Sattaur Fernando Sattaur 4years $2,374
28th Sally rech Sally rech 3years $11,052
6583rd Evan MacDougall Evan MacDougall 3years $606
9707th Nice Samret Nice Samret $432
8168th Elizabeth Lundblade Elizabeth Lundblade $518
2383rd Douglas Auld Douglas Auld 2years $1,280
18268th Cody Schweinefus Cody Schweinefus $21
8735th Ingolfur Haraldsson Ingolfur Haraldsson $505
7926th bill fairweather bill fairweather $529
16767th aaron jacob Henriksen aaron jacob Henriksen 7years $36
6196th J.T. Martin J.T. Martin 3years $634
N/A Eric Anglea Eric Anglea 2years $0
17901st Cliff Sherfey Cliff Sherfey $26
4325th Kevin Fraser Kevin Fraser 2years $847
6052nd Edwin Groby Edwin Groby 2years $649
4142nd Terry Cooper Terry Cooper 6years $880