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Rank Name Raised
236th Ross Wunderlich Ross Wunderlich 2years $3,926
3032nd Susan Hight Susan Hight 4years $3,905
237th Dale Lawcewicz Dale Lawcewicz 6years $3,895
238th Laura Gorczynski Laura Gorczynski $3,895
239th Kara Granade Kara Granade 3years $3,891
240th Ed Miller Ed Miller 6years $3,889
241st Brett Clark Brett Clark 6years $3,869
242nd Mike Hassett Mike Hassett 4years $3,864
243rd Eric Sickenberger Eric Sickenberger 3years $3,861
244th Josh Atiyeh Josh Atiyeh 6years $3,836
245th John Fischer John Fischer 3years $3,827
246th Stephanie Schriner Stephanie Schriner 7years $3,825
247th jeff jackson jeff jackson 2years $3,822
248th Barb Kise Barb Kise 4years $3,813
249th colleen poulin colleen poulin 3years $3,812
250th Joe Alotta Joe Alotta 2years $3,811
251st Deanna Haselhuhn Deanna Haselhuhn 4years $3,806
252nd Ron Fowler Ron Fowler 5years $3,803
253rd John Mendesh John Mendesh 3years $3,802
254th Jason Mar Jason Mar 4years $3,802