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Rank Name Raised
380th Dave Hahn Dave Hahn 2years $72
380th Gabriel Gwen Castillo Gabriel Gwen Castillo 2years $72
380th Jacqueline Teixeira Jacqueline Teixeira 4years $72
380th Jeff Berndt Jeff Berndt 2years $72
380th Linda Heiland Linda Heiland 2years $72
380th Phillip Hinson Phillip Hinson 5years $72
380th Rebecca Carr Rebecca Carr $72
380th Stephanie Wack Stephanie Wack 5years $72
380th Tyler Bourne Tyler Bourne $72
395th Cassandra Dunnings Cassandra Dunnings 5years $71
396th Gene Pennell Gene Pennell 2years $70
397th Lynn Nichols Lynn Nichols 3years $68
398th Jay Hill Jay Hill 7years $67
398th Levi Hogan Levi Hogan 3years $67
400th Tabby George Tabby George 7years $67
401st Marguerite Zerrudo Marguerite Zerrudo 4years $66
402nd Thomas Dudek Thomas Dudek 3years $66
403rd Anjo Neil D. Guillermo Anjo Neil D. Guillermo 3years $65
403rd Rory Crawford Rory Crawford 4years $65
405th Jana Mills Jana Mills 5years $62