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Rank Name Raised
11442nd David Gomez David Gomez $218
11444th Brian Miller Brian Miller $218
11445th Christina Stokes Christina Stokes 3years $218
11446th Senthil Shanmugam Senthil Shanmugam $218
11447th Ginger Goudie Ginger Goudie $218
11448th Betsy O'Donnell Grenier Betsy O'Donnell Grenier $217
11449th Chris DeLorenzo Chris DeLorenzo $217
11449th Kyle Gustie Kyle Gustie $217
11449th Nick Coby Nick Coby $217
11449th Steve Crutcher Steve Crutcher 3years $217
11453rd Denise Aleman Denise Aleman $217
11453rd Gavin Hayden Gavin Hayden 2years $217
11453rd Jason Mac Jason Mac 3years $217
11453rd Jennifer Busch Jennifer Busch $217
11453rd Scott Pilgreen Scott Pilgreen 2years $217
11453rd Tracey Aylor Tracey Aylor $217
11458th Amy Gamber Amy Gamber $67
11459th Hadassah Hope Hadassah Hope 2years $217
11460th Alka Sharma Alka Sharma $217
11461st Harv Ankrom II Harv Ankrom II 2years $217